February 28, 2019

Maybe their scales still graze

            your presence, maybe their schools

            swim through a cloud of

dissolved calcium. I don’t think

            the salt in the water ripples


February 28, 2019


Be gone, you bastardly bully,
vacate the youthful frame that lives inside
my mirror.

Deliver me from your hostile embrace,
evil talons digging into
my right shoulder.

Seize not my knees.  Don't peck my neck,
and let my back unkink
silently each morning.

Harass me no...

February 28, 2019

or consider your father’s suicide from

the safety of 25 years away

set your own failures against his

sleep through december

        through january and february

take whatever pills you can find

burn whatever you need to keep warm and

then wa...

February 28, 2019

A red-headed toddler feeds apple slices to a baby goat while

a well-on-her-way to zaftig young beauty in a wicker chair

who could be his sister

who is barely watching him there,

pushes her Ked sneakers against the porch floor to rock herself as she

pushes ice cream into her...

February 28, 2019

Into the Gap


Everything on shore bites,

but I’m not there. My friend

Fred is back at the throttle

and I’m up in the bow on

a boat cushion since they

haven’t yet passed the life-

preserver law. Unde...

February 28, 2019

Life on the Edge

“Foxy,” the perfect epithet she and her like

have spawned: wave-sleek, glowing paprika-

and-cream in the headlights as she makes

her liquid way across the road between

backyards and golf course. Pausing at the edge,

she seems to look up at the cloud-silverin...

February 28, 2019

Invitation to Elizabeth Bishop

Mortal to immortal

come walk with me

on the trippy floor

of Amazonian Brazil.


in the rain


Slog in search of Giant Toad

and Snail

and water lilies (my contribution)

those cupped blankets

blooming white.

We can marvel and quake

at the mosqui...

February 28, 2019

the goldfinches are back, or others like them --Elizabeth Bishop

I get it now, how

they could bear to see

this picture hanging over the fireplace.

Instead of enshrining him in photos

or preserving his room,

with the money from his last paycheck,

they bought this.

Because you c...

February 28, 2019

     I’m often surprised with what I see when I walk past the half a dozen or so rows of first class seating into the more narrow communal clutter of economy flying. I’m surprised by the lack of recognizable faces. I always expect to see a movie star or a pro athlete,...

February 28, 2019

     The Classical world was making a comeback. Funny thing was, it was the Persians who started it all. History described battles where Western civilization and baubles like freedom and liberty hanged in the balance. Everything worth living for would be kept intact by...

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