"100 Clews" by Jason Zuzga

* portions of 100 Clews have appeared in SPORK and FENCE

clew: 1. A ball of yarn or thread. 2. Greek Mythology The ball of thread used by Theseus to find his way out of the labyrinth. 3. clews The cords by which a hammock is suspended. 4. (also Nautical) One of the two lower corners of a square sail.

This time zone is sleeping.

Shhh. The light comes.

Horse tails

Tuck safe away

With a carefully woven French braid.

Looks from the distance like bread

Or a brain.

Dad drifts toward moving

Out of his bed. Mom sings to him. She shakes

The soil off the roots and replants their chrysanthemum.

The white threads knotted in the hole rip free.

In the dirt, detangled, unnatural glint of key.