Featured poet Susanne Bostick Allen, three poems

Schedule-at-a-glance Government Ethics Conference September 13-15, 2011

Orlando World Center Marriott

“I Didn’t Even Know That an Ethics Situation Was There.” The Ethics of RIFs: Dealing With

Ethical Issues Generated by the 112th Congress’ “Right Sizing” of the Federal Government

Don’t Get Caught in Congressional Crosshairs: What You Need to Know About the Legislative

Process and How OGE Can Help. Ethics by a Different Name: Winning the Hearts and Minds

of Your Fellow Employees With Effective Communication. Advising the Ethically-Challenged

System. The Yellow Brick Road to E-Filing. How Free Speech Intersects with Whistleblowing

Accepting Responsibility Responsibly: Preparing for and Responding to Organizational Crises.

What is “Market Value” and Why Do We Care? Ethics Training Sans Power Point. How to

Timely Identify New Entrance Confidential Filers? Apps and MAX and the CLOUD! Oh My!

Back to the Basics. How Alternative Pay Systems Impact Financial Disclosure. Capturing the

Criminals But Maybe Not the Reward Money: What To Do When Your Federal Employee

Helps Catch the Bad Guys and Is Offered A Reward That Implicates 18 U.S.C. 209. The

Complete History of Executive Branch Ethics: 1789-Present (Abridged) Ethics at 1600

Pennsylvania Avenue.

Agency Incapacity

In the near future, the Agency may be subject to Service Interruption Adjustments. This is not

desirable for the Agency. When Service Interruption Adjustments occur, Visitor Management

will be directed to issue credits to customers whose service was interrupted for at least 24 hours

due to the Agency’s error or an Act of God.

Customers will proceed through the front door, ignoring the Access Control desk, and will refuse

to sign in or provide their names, ranks, and Social Security numbers. Because of the Service

Interruption, the Intrusion Detection System will not function. Customers will employ the