Obediah Michael Smith, two poems

Thought I was free

to Walk all across Africa

a walk that began today

at 4:44 PM and ended at 5:24 PM

nearly ended in my end

down the unpaved road,

west of Upstairs Lodge,

a 40 minute walk along a path

into the unknown

and what an encounter resulted,

what hostility

commencing to panic,

deciding in fear to get on a bicycle

to be transported out of danger,

out of harm’s way

and stones were thrown

and the entire village gathered

and leaving was prevented

and I was encircled and

I was pressed up against on all sides

and the long and short of it,

“I was afraid!”

unable to believe

that I had run into-

had happened upon

such backwardness

it was assumed that this hiker,

out for a walk, was a blood sucker