• Davynn Roberts

Davynn Roberts, four poems

Painting Flowers

“Pinto flores para que así no mueren.”

“I paint flowers so they don’t die.”

-Frida Kahlo

When I paint flowers

they become immortal

living forever on a canvas

the purest white and brightest yellow

When I paint trees

they too are everlasting

pausing in an infinite moment of time

when the leaves are perfect

oranges reds and yellows

I recently began painting people

and find myself reaching

for the brown shades of hair

and the blues of eyes

Finding a place

“Donde no puedas amar, no te demores"

“Where you can’t love, don’t stay too long.”

- Frida Kahlo

Don’t stay too long

with any person or thing

in any place or situation,

where you cannot love

Find your place

--find yourself--

search for what you love

and do not settle until you find it

Do not put a time limit on love

you can find your passion at 5 or 85

the feeling will be the same either way

Find what feels like breathing to you

something you have to do

that is where you should stay

Pain as a Talisman

"El arte más poderoso de la vida es hacer del dolor un talismán que cura. ¡Una mariposa renace florecida en fiesta de colores!"

“The most powerful art is to make pain a talisman that cures. A butterfly is reborn in a festival of colors!”

- Frida Kahlo

Take the heartbreak, stressors, and defeat

paint them on a canvas

have them written into a poem

drawn on a piece of scrap paper

sung in a song

strummed on a guitar

made into a character

where they will be given a new life

outside of your mind

Turn what hurts into what cures

make pain into a talisman

Wings to Fly

“Pies, ¿Para qué los quiero si tengo alas para volar?”

“Feet, what do I want you for when I have wings to fly?

- Frida Kahlo

With a paintbrush for my passport

colors as a plane

and a blank canvas as my world

I can travel anywhere my mind allows

Vibrate green white and red

sweep the canvas

and the tricolor takes me to Mexico

I am able to exist in two places at once

my mind in one location

my body in another

with only a paintbrush in hand

Davynn Roberts is a 19 year old student attending Wesley College, where she is majoring in Elementary and Special Education. In her free time, she releases her creative energy by painting, drawing, and writing poetry. Davynn has recently found a passion for writing epigraphs using quotations from influential people, such as Frida Kahlo. This is her first publication for poetry.


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