Two poems

To a Stranger

I come out from behind the walls of my house

and stand in my front yard

and imagine

that the pear tree in bloom is a gift from you.

The street beyond the fence goes both ways

and is completely quiet.

Last evening, I sat next to you on the bus.

You looked sad and incomplete.

Your raincoat promised rain and your purse

held itself shut like a mouth.

When I got up to let you out,

I wondered where we were, glanced all the way

out the window and saw

street signs crossing paths at the top of a pole.

The doors opened and you began walking home.

Maybe there was no one for you

to come home to.


you had nothing in your power

to give but a pear tree in bloom

on a street you have never seen.

You shouldn't have.

A Pop Song

On the radio a woman is singing the line,

"I never meant to hurt you."

In her voice is

a useless sobbing

I've come to believe is