• Lee Lubarsky

"But Still" (with apologies to Stephan Jenkins)

I never really listened to Third Eye Blind in high school or college.

They were that band that played in the background at dorm parties and school dances or

on the radio when you were parked at Devereux Beach at night

making out in your girlfriend’s car and the windows

got fogged up.


sitting in my car,

windows down

the last shreds of summer breeze through.

Familiar yet foreign.

“Something’s gone, you withdraw”

Halfway between the grocery store and home.

“And I’m not strong like before”

Halfway between an ambitious kid

and a middle-aged dad.

“I've lost myself there's nothing left, it's all gone.”

Still a bit of each, but fading.

Lee Lubarsky was born and raised in Massachusetts. He received his B.A. with a minor in poetry from The George Washington University. Lee works as a public relations manager in New York where he lives with his wife, two children and their 18-pound cat. This is his first new work in nearly a decade.

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