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Updated: Mar 8

Winter Spring Issue.

Founding Editor, Publisher: James C. L. Brown (National Book Critics Circle)

Editors Emeriti, James Brown, H.A. Maxson, Linda Blaskey

Contributing editors:

Nina Bennett, Contributing Editor

James Bourey, Contributing Editor

Managing Editor: Cassandra Whitaker (National Book Critics Circle)

Summer/Fall team

Max Whaley: reader, social media manager, co-CNF editor

Rike Hart (they/them): reader, co-managing editor

Meg Ellis (she/they): reader, co-Poetry editor

 Cassandra Whitaker (she/they): reader, co-editor


​Nina Bennett, Contributing Editor 

James Bourey, Contributing Editor

Founding editor: Jamie Brown

Editors Emeriti: Jamie Brown, HA Maxson, Linda Blaskey

Review materials can be sent to:

We do not publish books anymore.

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