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Saying Goodbye to Kari Ebert, 2023 publishing schedule & more

Kari Ann Ebert is moving on from the Broadkill family! Ebert is a Delaware Division of the Arts Fellow, a Brooklyn Poets Fellow, and the author of Alphabet of Mo(u)rning from Lily Press. Winner of the 2020 Sandy Crimmins National Prize in Poetry and the 2018 Gigantic Sequins Poetry Contest, Kari’s work has appeared in journals such as The Night Heron Barks, Mojave River Review, Philadelphia Stories, The Main Street Rag, The Ekphrastic Review, and Gargoyle as well as several anthologies.

We wish her the best of luck! And buy her chapbook, it's gorgeous!

In the meantime, Broadkill will publish an April issue and take a summer hiatus. Until then, Robin Kinzer will be lending a hand on the poetry side.

Robin Kinzer is a queer, disabled poet and sometimes memoirist. She was once a communist beaver in a PBS documentary. She previously studied psychology and poetry at Sarah Lawrence and Goucher Colleges and is now an MFA candidate at the University of Baltimore. Robin has poems recently published or shortly forthcoming in Little Patuxent Review, Wrongdoing Magazine, Gutslut Press, Fifth Wheel Press, Corporeal Lit, Defunkt Magazine, and others. She loves glitter, Ferris wheels, and waterfalls. She also loves radical kindness, vintage fashion, and carnivals. She can be found on Twitter at @RobinAKinzer

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