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"Wakefield High School Kansas Girls Basketball Team Photo, 1915" by Jeffrey Hecker

Our stretch fours know Audrey Munson’s full nudity in her silent film Inspiration enhances

the plot: a sculptor loses a perfect model (she escapes) so he checks every Manhattan statue.

Roll credits. Carrier Engineering can’t wait to air condition New Jersey.

If you lie to our small forward nearest left, she’ll torch your cooperative farm.

The Prussian Academy of Sciences is learning multi-dimensional spacetime from Einstein,

infuriating Hitler for a record 40,000 th tantrum. Icelandic women over 40 can vote.

Our backcourt palms the pumpkin – they’ve read all about Palestine Locust Infestation.

Something called a stop sign is being tested in Detroit traffic far away.

Back into the daylight of Milford State Park, our center can dunk hard and block your shit.

Jeffrey Hecker is author of Rumble Seat (San Francisco Bay Press, 2011) & chapbooks Hornbook (Horse Less Press, 2012), Instructions for the Orgy (Sunnyoutside Press, 2013) & Ark Aft (The Magnificent Field, 2020). Recent work appears in South Dakota Review, Yalobusha Review, and Posit. A fourth-generation Hawaiian-American, he teaches at The Muse Writers Center & reads for Quarterly West.

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