Nicole Yurcaba, four poems

September 1, 2017

Reading The Fountainhead While Fishing

The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.—Ayn Rand

another           architect






            the rock’s                    weight                shifts


sifting                         soil


           the water



                       murderous   copy

of        what







They Said Our Friendship Couldn’t

Joachim Witt & Peter Heppner
Tom Petty & Heartbreaker
Bettie Page & Playboy
Black & Leather
Gibbs & Abby & Ducky

removing the Bob Seger CD
from the stereo) (someone’s
shredding our Bettie Page
stationery) (someone’s using
“special methods") (I, too, remember
Stalin’s Reign of Terror) (someone’s
blacklisting our names) (someone’s
demolishing your Wagner and Prokofiev
albums) (You, too, feast upon “Ritt der Walkuren”
and “Dance of the Knights”) (shhh, I hear them
coming; they’ll destroy us if we let them) (shhh,
shut up. I won’t give them information)

outside the bar
from a corner telephone booth
somewhere someone snaps
black-and-white photos.

we exit
passing change
between us.



Slave to the Metal

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
Like me who have no love…--Tennyson

two Tennyson lines
purple gothic script
her creamy shoulder
an auburn curl
sweeping a corset’s





Under a Sex Pistols Sky

quarter after eight

              words from exhaustion

                          pen strokes that were sewer lines

              arrogant and rude

i wander

           the end

           a hotel room

           one night

i am left



Nicole Yurcaba is a Ukrainian-American writer, an internationally-recognized poet, and an English instructor at Bridgewater College. She has been published in venues such as The Atlanta Review, The Bluestone Review, Philomathean, Midway. Still, The Tishman Review, VoxPoetica, and many others. Yurcaba is also the 2nd place winner of Australia's Sans Frontieres Hemingway Contest and a finalist for Salem College's International Poetry Rita Dove Award.

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