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"Something" by Carolyn Cecil


I find myself in my daughter's basement

with her baby, looking at a picture of me with her

as a baby, and I don't know how I got here, not 

by deciding, but by happenstance.

I have not done anything grand, but I have

done this.  Carried on the human race,

it is something, not nothing.  Changing diapers, 

teaching the spoon, feeding, bathing, consuming my life, 

not otherwise encumbered by delving into science 

or composing a great novel…but this….

this is something.

Carolyn Cecil writes from Baltimore, Maryland.  Her chapbook, "Taken Away", was published by the Broadkill Press.  Her poems have been in the Broadkill Review, Backbone Mountain Review, Free Sate Review, Loyalhanna Review, Gunpowder Review among others.  She is a member of the Ligonier Valley Writers and attended Johnson Studio Center in Vermont and, currently, Poetry Workshop, Renaissance Institute, Baltimore.

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