We are interested in publishing in our pages that which rises above the ordinary.

We are not, on the other hand, interested in stories about your three-headed cat, zombies, flesh-eating bacteria, BEMs from outer-space, psychopathic axe murderers,.. in short, your stories and poems should not rely on the unusual circumstance IN PLACE OF actually having work which is finely crafted, insightful of the human condition, or which manages to make the reader continue to think about it after they have finished reading it. The best of language poetry does this, but so, too, does an expertly wrought sonnet which, though in an antique form, nonetheless shows us something new about life and ourselves and the contemporary world. We are open to almost everything which does what literature should do, which is to exact a price greater than the effort it takes to read it.

Founding Editor, Publisher: James C. L. Brown (National Book Critics Circle)

Managing Editor: Stephen Scott Whitaker (National Book Critics Circle)

​Poetry Editor: Linda Blaskey

Interview Editor: Kari Ann Ebert

​Fiction Editor: H.A. Maxson

​Contributing editors:

​Nina Bennett, Contributing Editor 

James Bourey, Contributing Editor


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