Send us beautiful language.

We’re looking for poetry that plumbs the strange and beautiful, surprises us with new perspectives of what language does, and overwhelms us with duende. Traditional form or wildly experimental, blank verse or free, we want you to woo us within an inch of our lives. 

We aim to publish the best writing from the Delmarva Peninsula and beyond. We are interested in local and regional perspectives on climate change and its impacts and intersections. We are interested in queer, and BIPOC voices. We are interested in reading translated work from around the globe.

We publish ten-minute plays. We publish one-act plays. We publish reviews. We publish micro-reviews.  Query broadkillreview@gmail.com or submit via our fiction portal on the submissions page.

For exemplars of what we like, please refer to the following.


“solitaire boys follow me” by Michael Chang

“Moving from House to House” by Paul Jones

“My Huge Basketball IQ” by Jason Koo

“A Narrative Poet Lost in the Lyric Moment”  by Irene Fick

"Passing Down" by Gayle Ledbetter Newby

“Letter to a Floating Piano” Adam D. Weeks

Creative Non-Fiction

Desperately Attentive to Life: An Interview with Jason Koo


"The Cinderella of Sunset Park" by SC Martinez

 "Universal Basic" by Matthew Cannelora

"Pretty Purple Lights" by Ace Boggess

"Kissing Lying Down" by Kate Tough

"My Cousin the Carytaid" by Bradley VanDeventer

"The Night of the Jubilee" by Franetta McMillian


"Water Rise" by Dana Kinsey. A one-act play

"The Tiki Villas" by Grace Cavalieri. A ten-minute play

"Thank You For Your Service" by Joseph S. Pete. A ten-minute play


"Crafting the Primal: Danusha Laméris’s Bonfire Opera" by Dion O' Reily

"A look back at Molly Fisk's The More Difficult Beauty" by Jane C. Miller

"Review of Catechesis: a postpastoral, by Lindsay Lusby" by Srephen Scott Whitaker

"Nina Bennett reviews David Graham's latest collection"

"A review of Ricky Ray's Fealty, Eyewear Publishing" by James Bourey


The Broadkill Review Managing Office

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25624 E Main Street

Onley, VA 23418


Visit our publisher's site: http://broadkillriverpress.com/

ISSN 1935-0538 

The Broadkill Review is part of the Delaware State Library Digital Collection. 

See submission page for submission info.

Contact the editor using the email client below, or email us at broadkillreview@gmail.com


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The Broadkill Review an imprint of the Broadkill River Press, which on occasion, such as in 2019, and 2021, is the publisher of The Dogfish Head Poetry Prize. The Broadkill River Press does not always publish the winner of the prize. Staff members may not enter the Dog Fish Head Poetry Prize when the Broadkill River Press publishes the winning manuscript. Anne Yarbrough, of New Castle, DE, is the 2021 Dogfish Head Poetry Prize winner for her manuscript, Refinery. Pre-order your copy from Broadkill River Press.


Founding Editor, Publisher: James C. L. Brown (National Book Critics Circle)

Fiction/Managing Editor: Stephen Scott Whitaker (National Book Critics Circle)

​Poetry/Interview Editor: Kari Ann Ebert

​Digital Chapbook Editors: H.A. Maxson, James C.L. Brown

​Contributing editors:

​Nina Bennett, Contributing Editor 

James Bourey, Contributing Editor

About the co-editors:

Poetry and Interview Editor, Kari Ann Ebert.  Winner of the 2020 Sandy Crimmins National Prize in Poetry and the 2018 Gigantic Sequins Poetry Contest, Kari’s work has appeared in journals such as The Night Heron Barks, Mojave River Review, Philadelphia Stories, The Main Street Rag, The Ekphrastic Review, and Gargoyle as well as several anthologies. Her limited-edition chapbook Alphabet of Mo(u)rning is forthcoming in 2022 from Lily Press.

Stephen Scott Whitaker is the winner of the 2021 Pink Poetry Prize from Great River Review. Their poems and essays have appeared in The Rumpus, Tupelo Quarterly, The American Journal of Poetry, Crab Creek Review, and other places. Mulch, a novel of weird fiction is forthcoming from Montag Press in 2022.