THE TIKI VILLAS, a ten minute play

Place: A bungalow in the Tiki Villas. Time: The Present

Characters: Coco, Muriel, Veronica (older women)

Opens with Coco and Muriel alone on stage


Coco: Is the world just a projection of us Muriel?

Muriel: I’d hate to think the world smelled like chicken soup and Lysol.

Coco: And urine.

Muriel: And urine.

Coco: That’s why we are staying here at the Villas. It’s so cheerful.

Muriel: Now, why are you crying?

Coco: I’m crying because…

Muriel: (Warning) we’ve talked about this, Coco.

Coco: Because…

Muriel: We made a bargain not to give in. We have a show of strength to put on here at The Villas.

Coco: O.K. I’m crying because I’m happy.

Muriel: That’s better. What shall we do today?

Coco: We could get started on this (Gets shoebox from table)

Muriel: On what.

Coco: Sorting through these words in the shoebox. Memorizing them.

Muriel: All the words people lose.