What is that like? Ten minute play

The lights rise, bringing into focus a solitary woman, Jennifer, late 20’s, sitting on a park bench. A moment passes and from stage right a couple walks across the stage, passing directly in front of Jennifer. They make no recognition of her existence and continue directly off stage left. A second couple follows their path. As they reach center stage, yet another pair walks from stage left to stage right. Following each of these is yet another set, then another and another. Jennifer watches them, pulls fiercely on her lips. Soon Jack, mid-30’s, appears stage left, standing in between the lines of people. Just within the bounds of the stage, he stops and stands and stares at Jennifer, who has yet to notice him.

JACK: Jen.

At the announcement of his presence, all remaining couples disappear from the stage. Jennifer looks up, sees him, conjures a smile. He timidly waves as he advances towards her.

JACK: Sorry I’m late. I was going to be early—I got a call just as I was leaving.

He takes a seat beside her. A foot or so of space exits between them.

JENNIFER: Don’t worry, it’s fine. Completely fine. Don’t worry about it.

Silence. He stares at her. She keeps her eyes anywhere but on him.

JACK: You all right?

JENNIFER: I’m fine.

JACK: You don’t—

JENNIFER: I’m sure. It’s been a long day is all. Too long. It’s nothing. I’m fine. Really. Don’t worry.

He nods. An unhealthy pause follows.


JACK: So. (Smiling somewhat.) What’s this big news you have to tell me?

She turns her gaze away.

JACK: Jen?

JENNIFER: (nervously exhaling) God, I—I don’t know how to say it.

JACK: That good, huh?