Three Poems, Rich Boucher

Sign of the Good Eye

Took a while, but I finally found someone

who would do it, who would make

a homemade sign for outside my door

that reads no war or violence permitted in life

which is the first sign that came to my mind

after the no solicitors sign we’d ordered came in.

Since that sign we asked for worked so well,

I figured it was worth a try to see how strong

a sign can be. How potent. Magical, even.

The next sign will say no speeding at all ever

anywhere in the world and I’ll mount it right

below the other several signs by my door. The change we want to see: two inches by

six inches of black plastic and mountable

with double-sided tape. Tape that clings firmly,

like I have been doing to some little hope.

Home Improvement

Dollar bills keep pouring out

of the kitchen faucet every time

I go to fill the sink for dishes

or to fill up the water bowl for the cat

and concerned a bit I sure am right now

because not only there should be water