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Meet contributing fiction editor Tim Linehan, Jr.

My name is Tim Linehan. I am a local author living in the Bethany Beach area of southern Delaware. My focus is on writing Young Adult Historical Fiction. I am exploring potential opportunities with area synagogues where I might provide learning opportunities from two perspectives: history (from my research) and the effects of war and death on teenagers.

With this in mind, I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, Hannah Gould. This book is a YA historical novel about a Polish, Jewish girl with the partisans in WWII. It is the result of my research activities over a 10-year period. My goal is to provide insight into the valiant struggle of Jewish partisans against the powerful Nazi regime. Even more extraordinary is the story of the teenage partisans fighting for survival. This novel is best suited for mature teens to adult readers.

I offer my services to present a portion of the research supporting my WWII novel with two intentions – 1) to increase the awareness of teens and adults to this lesser known aspect of the Holocaust; and 2) to provide an exclusive opportunity to meet the author and to discuss the writing of the story. I have made numerous presentations to area public libraries about the writing process and the actual historical events behind my novel. As an Instructor for the Osher Life Long Learning (University of Delaware) seniors program, I teach a course on the Jewish partisans of Eastern Europe. I have given presentations on the topic to the local chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and to the Seaside Jewish Community synagogue (Rehoboth Beach, DE) for both adult and Hebrew school students.

I also have a previously published YA historical novel, Drums of Courage, targeting readers 11-14. The main character is a thirteen-year-old drummer boy. My story is built on the factual exploits of the 71st PA Volunteer Infantry as they proceed through the Civil War from Second Manassas to Gettysburg. This story depicts the effect of war on young teens.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please note that I can be flexible in tailoring my presentation to fit with your program requirements. If you would like, I will gladly provide you with a complimentary copy of Hannah Gould for your assessment. You can reach Doreen on my staff at 267-918-2450 or at for more information or to discuss a specific opportunity.

Hannah Gould, The Novel

This story begins in 1942 war-torn Poland. A Jewish family is murdered by the Nazis, but fifteen-year-old Hannah Gould miraculously escapes. Alone and desperate, Hannah ultimately makes her way to a group of Jewish and Russian partisans in Belorussia. Her fight for survival and payback is on. I worked directly with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives and The Tuttleman Library and The Holocaust Oral History Archive of Gratz College (Philadelphia) and interviewed several Holocaust survivors to make this story as real as possible. The book is intended for mature young adults to adult readership.

My Bio

Tim began creative writing in 1985. He holds BS and MS degrees. He is an Institute of Children’s Literature graduate and member of the Coastal Writers (at Rehoboth Art League in Delaware). His YA Civil War historical novel, Drums of Courage was published in 2005. Tim’s poetry has been published in The Broadkill Review. In 2015, his short story Chance Meeting won a Judges Award with Cat and Mouse Press (Lewes, DE). In preparation for writing the manuscript, Hannah Gould, he worked directly with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives in Washington, DC and Gratz College, Tuttleman Library, Holocaust Archives in Philadelphia. Tim interviewed and knows personally several Holocaust survivors who assisted him in the research with personal testimonials.

Hannah Gould Book Endorsements

This is a tale of a teenage Jewish girl in Poland at the outset of World War II who is traumatized by the cruelty of the Nazi invaders. Hannah Gould loses her family and struggles to find her way to freedom and safety. The story, rivaling Anne Frank’s experiences, follows Hannah and other Jewish refugees as they work their way through a maze of hazardous events, and engage in guerrilla warfare against the German enemy and their collaborators. Hannah encounters unforeseen incidents along the way that keep the pages turning to learn what more could possibly happen to this young, impressionable, yet spirited heroine.

-Thomas J Ryan is the multiple award-winning author of "Spies, Scouts, and Secrets in the Gettysburg Campaign." He writes a weekly column titled "Civil War Profiles" for the Coastal Point Newspaper in Ocean View, Delaware.

"Hannah Gould takes us inside the mind and heart of an extraordinary heroine. Hannah's harrowing story, grippingly told, is moving and powerful. Her transformation from sheltered young teen to fearless partisan fighter and leader is astonishing and inspiring. Hannah's a powerhouse and so is this book."

-Rabbi David M. Ackerman, Congregation Beth Am Israel, formerly Rabbi for National Outreach, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

“Hannah Gould – a powerful story of the coming of age and survival of a teenage Jewish girl, as she is orphaned and caught up in the upheaval of WWII Nazi-occupied Poland. Instinct, lessons learned and recalled from a loved father and a loving family, and an incorrigible will to press on against a hostile environment, see her through this turbulent epoch. Her journey, in the face of unendurable losses, obstacles, and bodily injury, can only serve as inspiration especially to modern youth, whether in challenged or privileged circumstances.”

-Dr. Paula Bursztyn Goldberg, author of CRC Handbook of Pharmacology of Aging, and Polish Holocaust survivor

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