"Troupe 621"


EUGENE-- Executed Texan Thanksgiving Day serial killer, dressed in his exterminator's overalls but with his prison number taped across his chest, # 6-21. The seat of his overalls have black burn marks from the juice of the electric chair.

SISTER SALLY-- A Nun who choked to death due to premature transubstantiation during administration of sacred sacrament. She wears a nun’s habit, conservative skirt.

DIDI-- A Dominatrix who died in a car crash when she mistook severe whiplash for a broken neck. She’s dressed provocatively in black with long boots clutching a riding crop or some sort of whip-like object.

RALPH-- A Chubby High School Cutter killed by a festering infection from hidden, self-inflicted stomach wounds. He’s dressed like a nerd.



The stage is dark but we hear agitated and frightened whispering of three souls destined to become bed bugs, bewildered by their new location. One by one a darkened soul, wearing a white light necklace, wanders across the stage. The audience sees individual lights until they all bump into each other, creating a collective unit of light, a Soul Cluster of translucent bulbs. When this is achieved EUGENE’S boom voice shouts:

EUGENE’s Voice

(Off stage mimicking Soul Train’s opening TV theme including musical riff.)

It’s a SOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUL Cluster of Light!

Lights come up on the three souls destined to become bed bugs, huddled together. When they see each other they quickly react to this accidental intimacy. DIDI pulls away, ashamed of having her fear exposed. SISTER SALLY pulls away in horror at being hugged by Ralph.


Who said that?


What the hell is a soul cluster?


(Drops to her knees, crosses herself)

Saints save us that hell is not where we are!


(Looks down at Sister Sally, smirks.)