"The Sparrow & Me" by Anthony Picardi

Hey little birdie, what’s with the white cap?

Sparrow: Little birdie? Show some respect. Do you call your friends ‘little people’?

Well, it’s just that a white-throated sparrow isn’t supposed to have a white cap.

Sparrow: You are complaining to me about my white cap?

It is highly unusual. You are only supposed to have white head stripes.

Sparrow: Maybe you need to be a bit more tolerant. Why are you piling up sumac seeds?

I am trying to get rid of the sumac that is invading the grass meadow.

Sparrow: Are you going to eat them?


Sparrow: Humans are weird.

Are you treated differently because of your white cap?

Sparrow: That is a strange idea. Do you ever wear a white hat?

Yes, but I am grey under it. I think you are leucistic.

Sparrow: You need to drop this. What are you going to do with the sumac?

Dispose of it far away.

Sparrow: What if some birds eat some and poop them out here again?

I suppose it is a constant battle.

Sparrow: What if a deer eats some and SHE comes over and poops in your garden?

Yeah, I know it is a long-term battle with these invasives.

Sparrow: With all these battles, do you have time to feed yourself?