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Signal Boost

Philip Jason's new novel Window Eyes will release in May, you can watch a review of it here. 

David P. Kozinski's new collection, I Hear It the Way I Want It to Be,  is available from Kelsay Books.

Carol P Krauss's book, Just a Spit Down the Road, is available here.

Retired firefighter Greg Lobas of Columbus has won the 20th Annual Dogfish Head Poetry Prize.

Former BKR staffer, Stephen Scott Whitaker's novel, Mulch, is up for sale from Montag Press.

Congratulations to our 2024 Best of the Net Noms

"You forgive yourself"  Erin Mizrahi

"[Will I ever think of someone who isn't a person?]" Alina Stefanescu

“Spring” by Nicole Tallman

“Love Poem” Timothy Liu

“Wifetime Visions” Claire Rychlewski

“the sky said trans rights” nat raum



"Steps for Frying: A Guide for Birds" Jen Karetnick

“we will always be /bIe/” by Liam Strong


Submissions open September 1

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