We have put our curated writing on dynamic web pages for a better mobile experience. Find the home page button below the header and to the right, you should see the poetry, fiction, and reviews, as drop-down menus.  Mobile readers will find them on the mobile menu. Archives can be found when you click the more button. In this issue we welcome our new poetry editor, Kari Ann Ebert, who will helm interviews and poetry going forward. The poems in this issue were curated by Linda Blaskey, who is now running Quartet, a journal of poetry edited by women for women. The Broadkill Review is now on Instagram. Follow us here.

Contributing Editor James Bourey releases new book, The Distance Between Us

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Ace Boggus has a poetry new collection available, Misadventure.

Contributor Irene Fick's new work appeared in the winter issue of Willawaw,  the August issue of River Teeth Journal, the August issue of Panoply. She has new work forthcoming this fall in Gargoyle, & The Blue Mountain ReviewDelmarva Review featured her poem, "The Loneliness of Supper", in its“Spy” publications. She received second and third place awards in the annual Delaware Press Association contest.

Katherine Gekker has new work, "The Root Cellar",  in The Baltimore Review.

Paul Jones has new work at Madness Muse Press. You can read about his works here.


Franetta McMillian's newest works include the zine  Fat Black Girl in a Wheelchair #2 Plague Diary and the novella The Hololounge of the Mundane.

Hannah Rousselot's new book Fragments of You details Rousselot’s first experience falling in love and the grief she felt after her lover's passing. She also has a new website for publishing reviews.

Linda Blaskey, Gail Braune Comorat, Wendy Elizabeth Ingersoll, and Jane C. Miller have joined together to create ൪uartet, a new poetry journal to highlight the creativity of women 50 years of age and older. The inaugural issue will launch in January 2021. You can donate to the cause here.


Founding Editor, Publisher: James C. L. Brown (National Book Critics Circle)


Managing Editor: Stephen Scott Whitaker (National Book Critics Circle)


Poetry Editor: Linda Blaskey (for Nov/Dec 2020)

Poetry Editor: Kari Ann Ebert (starting in Winter 2021)

Fiction Editor: H.A. Maxson (for Nov/Dec 2020)

Fiction Editor: Stephen Scott Whitaker (starting in Winter 2020)

Interview Editor: Kari Ann Ebert, meet her here.


Contributing editors for this issue:

Nina Bennett, Contributing Editor 

James Bourey, Contributing Editor

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