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Kari Ann Ebert and Stephen Scott Whitaker unpack Cathlin Noonan's 

poems in the Summer podcast.

Signal Boost

Anne Yarbrough, of New Castle, DE, is the 2021 Dogfish Head Poetry Prize winner for her manuscript, Refinery. Pre-order your copy from Broadkill River Press.

Poet Ned Balbo has recorded an album, National Disgrace, which you can check out here.

Carol P Krauss's book is available here.

Jack Mackey is the recipient of an individual artist fellowship from the Delaware Division of the Arts.

Mary Barbara Moore's Dear If is forthcoming from Orison Books.

Lee Woodman's new book, Lifescapes, is available from Kelsay Books. Check out the book trailer!

Congratulations to our Pushcart nominees:


"Vertigo" by Sara Youngblood Gregory

"The Boy who Hunts" by Benjamin Cutler

"Self-Portrait From a Balm" by Cathlin Noonan


"Deca-meron" by Alexandra Peary


"Smoke City" by Michael Chin

"To Move is to Hope" by Scott Hoshida


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