Congratulations to our Best of the Net Nominees: Fiction: Margot Douaihy “Key Change”,  Stefanie Tamagi “Emotional Rescue" CNF: Aaron Sholar "Measured in Men", Elise Seyfried "Photo Synthesis" Poetry: Kent Neal “Continental Drift”,

Christy Prahl “On the Tip”, Phillip Shabazz “Beyond Gravity”,  Charles K Carter  “Time Bending”, Angie Dribben “Spellbound”, Sara Brockhaus “Sonnet for Scabbing”

Signal Boost

Michael Chang's new collection, Almanac Of Useless Talents is out now.

Sara Youngblood Gregory’s new chapbook from Finishing Line Press is available for pre-order here.

Liz Holland's new book, Let the Bees Rest is available here.

David P. Kozinski's new collection, I Hear It the Way I Want It to Be,  is available from Kelsay Books.

Carol P Krauss's book, Just a Spit Down the Road, is available here.

Dr. Anthony Picardi has a new book of eco-satire coming out this fall, Letter From a Rotten Log, Adventures of Cindi Caponotus, Carpenter Ant Reporter.

Anne Yarbrough, of New Castle, DE, is the 2021 Dogfish Head Poetry Prize winner for her manuscript, Refinery. Pre-order your copy from Broadkill River Press.

Kelley White's new book 'No. Hope Street' has been accepted for publication by Kelsay Books.


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