Will Reger, four poems

Poem for a Mother Taken

for Riccy Enriquez Perdomo

When I use the word taken

She was taken from her promise

She was taken from her children

She was taken by armed men

She was taken by her arms and held

She was taken, spirited from place to place

it sounds like the beat of her arms

against metal doors of a transport vehicle

(called Black Marias in other countries,

though maybe not black and definitely not

Virgin Mothers taken suddenly

in unexplained childbirth--or sisters of any kind

who take her into a marked unknown,

across wire thin borders where

here is home, there not home,

here received then taken,

there not wanted but received.)

She was taken by an illness of lonely terror

She was taken like a slip and fall into a pit

She was taken like a bullet for a cause

When I use the word taken

I mean they cut her out

I mean they tore her off

I mean they ripped her from our belly.

I mean she was taken from all of us.