Four poems by Alexandria Peary

Analysis of A Poem on the Tablecloth

I.e.: Cezanne apples, Botero oranges, Roy Lichtenstein grapes,

Williams plums, a Gertrude Stein carafe in a poem on the tablecloth.

Re: A bowl of poems, color modulated melody

and objects avoiding personification,

the dish celestial blue and the oranges obese,

the plums lecherous and the apples suffering vertigo

b/c of the tablecloth, the slopes of the fabric

like a terrain windblown, rocky, with a survey of clouds,

lavender growing at the base, a tablecloth made from freewriting.

C/o fruit drawn in with a Bic ballpoint, fruit mentioned near a Mont Blanc

punctuated by clouds: % lemon and pewter ampersand, commas

on either side of the cobalt water pitcher,

blind copied and in the subject line

& all the other writing that exists alongside, between, near,

before, after, above, under, inside, around a finished poem,

those white bands of sentences, but also a strip from a user’s agreement,

another from a romance novel, shiny, recycled, metallic, patterned, dented

aluminum sentences or lines with edges curling upward

from a grant application, a wedding announcement, a monograph on immigration policy.

Hills of Bureaucracy

In the event

that the engagement

shall be prevented

by reason of war,

Act of God, strike,