Six poems by Alex James Williams

Updated: Nov 26


The worker sits

on a wobbly legged stool,

on uneven cobblestones,

whetting their playfoam sword

with a pet rock.

They are guarding a plastic lunchbox,

with a fiddly clasp,

In that box is a juice pouch

with no straw

What other wonderful things?

Two faces,

bathed in light

the color of fools good,

smizing at each other,

opening their lips in o-shapes.

Gibbons at the zoo,

one of the gibbons

is just a scared child in a costume;

the other is a scared gibbon

with the strength to rip out a boy’s heart.


Inward facing feet.

The villagers swarm punchmeat,

kick his shins a friendly blue.

A wilting grin toward the battering line,

absent are the eyes of neon signs.

Sagging, hope-parched sweat sockets,