Three poems by Hikari Leilani Miya

Updated: Nov 26

Dear 光 (aka I hope you have time for this poem)--

it’s been a while since you’ve written a poem

or arranged the sonnet, with arranging cut up lines on your living room floor.

it’s been a while since you’ve wandered through 日本町 in your flip flops you’ve worn

since high school graduation. tell dad it was worth the $18.

it’s been a while since you’ve worn a novel Halloween costume

even though you bought three Pokemon onesies last year and decided they were too hot.

it’s been a while since you read tarot cards, letting the king

of swords slip out while sloppily shuffling. (remember when you’d leave out a silver

mug for the goddess Artemis because you always wanted to be a virgin with a big big

bow and you are only half of that

it’s been a while since you texted your brother (because instagram likes don’t count):

Here’s my podcast. Pls share with your friends. Pls share my pictures like how mom

used to make us share those jarred belgian chocolate truffles from Costco.

it’s been a while since you’ve bought new underwear,

or worn a headband, or used a full-size sanitary pad, or touched

something violently pink and fluffy. but--

tonight you read a poem to your partner. this morning you introduced a multigenre project

to 38 undergraduates with no questions asked. and--

last night you popped pills past your lips instead of putting a blade to your wrist,

and slept like you weren’t afraid of dreams.

why yes, thank you for noticing

my name, sharp light

on your soft tongue

peppered with all

the jeweled ikura

brine-pickled embers

just waiting to pop.

you roll my