Three poems by Kelley Jean White

Oak Bench

Seat and back each a single 2” thick board,

curved armrests at ends and mid-bench, Enfield, NH,

c. 1830, 40″ at back, 33″ seat width, 18’ l. $16,800

I remember the tree. As a child I played

beneath it with acorns I fashioned into cups

and saucers on a mossy root. I might have been ten

the year it fell, lightning stuck, into the small pond

beneath it. Nine men came with oxen

and long saws. We children watched. And clapped

as the great trunk was pulled to the sawmill.

Flat boards nearly as wide as I was tall.

A year to make the bench. And seven men

to carry it. Now I have lived long enough to see it

worn with age, curved as our souls shape it

with the weight of our doubts and unbelief.

I am the last to remember sunlight

through the shadows of this once living thing.

Shaker Carrier

Cherry, original natural finish, steel hoop handle

with applied carved wood interior, dovetailed construction,

9 3/4″ h, 14 3/4″ h (to top of handle), 21″ l, 12″ d. $1500

What shall I bring when Mother calls me

to live forever by her side?

Shall I bring her wreaths I’ve woven