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Two poems by Charles K. Carter


I am drawn to you

like my tongue is drawn

to the gap between my teeth

– there’s no good reason but it fits

and it feels right against my sharp edges.

Time Bending

There is a meme

of the Godzilla movie

in reverse: a monster erecting a city

and then returning

to the sea.

Maybe I’m looking

at our relationship all wrong.

If I look at it backwards,

the bitterness in your eyes blossoms

into sweet, unbridled joy.

Charles K. Carter is a queer poet and educator from Iowa. He holds an MFA from Lindenwood University. His poems have appeared in several literary journals. He is the author of Chasing Sunshine (Lazy Adventurer Publishing), Splinters (Kelsay Books), Safety-Pinned Hearts (Alien Buddha Press), and Salem Revisited (WordTech Editions).

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