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Two poems by Mark Danowsky


after Tess Gallagher

I love the little tips

that would have pointed to his pockets

& reading about women

who would never want a man’s life

Amazing, given all the horrible privilege

Though how should we offer solace

to those dispossessed

Razor to The Foundation

Razor slot in the bathroom

Pointed out by the builder

A place to put old blades

Suggesting a pileup

Between the walls

Supposed to be lifetimes

before anyone would deal

with the hazard

Mark Danowsky is Editor-in-Chief of ONE ART: a journal of poetry, Senior Editor for Schuylkill Valley Journal, and a Regular Contributor for Versification. He is the author of the poetry collection As Falls Trees (NightBallet Press). His work has appeared in Bird Watcher’s Digest, Cleaver Magazine, Gargoyle, The Healing Muse, and elsewhere.

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